Reviews about Cardione

  • Dave
    I have persistent high blood pressure because of my addiction. Smoking up to 35 cigarettes a day. The doctor advised me to use Cardione to support the blood vessels. I started taking 2 tablets a day and after a week I didn't feel like the pressure was spiking anymore.
  • Patrick
    Being overweight prevents me from moving much. Because of this, my stress skyrocketed a lot, especially after waking up in the morning. It was dark in front of me, and the ground beneath my feet was leaving. I learned about the drug Cardione. I took 2 tablets for a week and I started noticing that in the morning I started to feel better. I drank the class completely and brought the stress down to normal.
  • J Brian
    My heart started to have problems two years ago and my blood pressure started to go up against the background of an underlying disease. I take a ton of pills for my heart and I don't want to add a lot of medication also for stress. Cardione has been saved. Only 1 tablet at night helps stabilize the pressure at 130/85.
  • Teresa
    My blood pressure spikes started during my pregnancy. After the baby was born, the pressure stabilized at 150/95. Since I am not breastfeeding, I started taking the natural formulation Cardione. monthly courses. The result - the stress returned to normal and the headache disappeared.
  • Angela
    I never knew what high blood pressure was. I have always played sports and lived an active life. But after the injury, I had to leave the sport. I started having vascular problems and it turned out to be high blood pressure. I have been looking for a long time medicine and tried a lot of medicines, but for a long time only the Cardione in the tablet really played a role in reducing blood pressure.
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