Experience of use Cardione

Albena from Zlatograd shares her experience with Cardione

High pressure before intake Cardione

Cardione for years of high blood pressure

I have over 5 years experience with high blood pressure. Initially, the disease is asymptomatic. Fatigue after minor physical exertion, but I didn't notice it. Then headaches and dizziness. My family started noticing that I had a memory impairment. I was annoyed for whatever reason and I started not sleeping well due to this anxiety. I had to go to the doctor. After examination, I was diagnosed with stage II hypertension. The doctor told me that such symptoms were unbearable and that I had to apply as soon as I noticed a change in my body.

Since I have this condition, I have been prescribed several medicines, several times a day in the morning and at night before going to bed. Many medications don't work for me - some give me an upset stomach, others make me drowsy and unable to go to work. I had to try to find the right remedy. But after using them, I started having liver problems.

At my next doctor appointment, the doctor suggested that I try Cardione, which is a natural ingredient. I ordered 2 packs on the manufacturer's website and waited for the package.

After taking Cardione, the stress indicator tends to be stable

How to use the tablet, medicine overview

I started taking Cardione tablets as written in the directions for use. The tablets are small and tasteless. The method of reception is as follows: 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening. Nothing to do with food. The first thing I noticed was no unpleasant feeling in the stomach after taking the pill, no aftertaste with a chemical tinge that often bothers me when taking other medications.

After taking Cardione for 5 days, I started to notice an improvement in my health. Stress is still higher than normal, but sleep begins to return and headaches go away. After 2 weeks, the dizziness disappeared completely, blood pressure recovered, and memory improved.

I additionally ordered the entire course of medication, which I took for 2 months. The hospital check showed my cholesterol levels were down, my tests were back to normal and my blood pressure was stable at 130/80.

With Cardione, I'm more cheerful, headaches don't bother me anymore, and my mood improves. My family noticed positive changes in me.